Pin Up Wow secretary stripping out of her stockings and sexy lingerie

August 27th, 2014

A girlie girl has been all of the trend when i was younger. Most of these adult females had been wonderful, sexy plus employed their own body to help tease gentlemen on their own snap shots and also cards. Currently, with the artificial boobs and also down and dirty porn, the actual girlie has sadly, dropped from the wayside. pinupwow, on the other hand, understands that there is a market around for this classic style and that is who the following web site is designed for.

pinupwow is incredibly vibrant and also works into the stereotype wonderfully. pinupwow is known for a several naughty United kingdom girls that comprise of the majority of the actual material. Which just about all take up many 50’s hair styles and also outfits within these wonderful pictures.

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With these images pinupwow lady stripping out of her stockings and sexy lingerie.


Watch this slutty MILF secretary when she was caught in the cupboard at work and gets fucked before taking a massive facial all over her face and glasses

August 25th, 2014

Cum on my glasses has lots of filthy secretaries getting fucked and facialized in the office. As well as other nerds and women in glasses. Every movie ends the same way, the women in glasses taking cum all over her face and glasses. Like in this exclusive cum on my glasses movie. Watch this slutty MILF secretary when she was caught in the cupboard at work and gets fucked in her wet cunt and her tight ass hole before taking a massive facial all over her face and glasses. I love this secretary, even though she doesn’t have stockings or pantyhose on, in this very short skirt she looks a real slut. Which as we can see from this office hardcore movie that is exactly what she is. I bet all the young guys in her office have a go on this slutty secretary, I certainly would. What a great fucking ass she has and it looks even better with a cock stuck in it. This is a huge facial as well and her face gets covered in cum and she has cum dripping of her glasses. Which looks fucking hot. Watch as she sits posing with all this jizz dripping of her glasses.

“If I fucked you. I would ask you to dark wear stockings, high heels, with nicely pedicured feet. A mini-skirt and nice, sightly sensible but just too-tight blouse with a really sexy bra under that.

I would hold you tightly by your waist and pull to towards me, while pushing you against the office wall. I’d start by brushing your mousey hair away from your neck and kissing it gently, getting more passionate with every kiss until our mouths meet and we go all out with a long passionate kiss.

I love to give woman pleasure, so the next thing I would do is to get down on my knees and lift your miniskirt. I’d great you by eating you pussy as you stand to get you into the mood - and of course, you wouldn’t be wearing any panties in anticipation for my evening visit. I’d eat you until you can barely stand and then stand back up to kiss you, so you can taste your wetness too.

You would then sit down on a chair with nothing else in front of it, and let me remove you high heels. I’d rub your feet and stand back as you slowly remove each stocking seductively for me. I think by that point my cock head would be peaking above my belt. I’d walk towards you as you use one of your now-bare feet to rub by crotch, as I take your other foot and suck your toes.

I love to be undressed, so you would take my belt off, and pull down my trousers just a little, letting my cock explode outwards, so you can rub it again, but now properly with both your feet.

I would then then walk up to you and reach under your blouse, kissing you again, and lightly feeling your breasts under you bra. As we kiss, I would unbutton your top, pull down your skirt and let you do the same, so that we’re quickly totally naked - at which point I would kiss you all over - focusing most on your back and thighs.

You would then get on your knees and take my cock deep into your mouth as I lightly hold your head. After a while, we both stand and kiss, so you can feel my hard, saliva covered cock next to your pussy.

You lean against a desk doggy stile and let me enter you for the first time, having just put on a condom. First, I would rub my cock head around your clit, and then I would insert just the head in. And move it in and out slowly, and teasingly and then just a little bit deeper - for a while, so you almost forget my real length (I have a good 8″). I would then push in my full length, taking you by surprise, and continue for a while alternating between short strokes and long fast hard, deep strokes, while cupping your breasts with one hand.

Next, I sit down, and you mount me, taking my cock in with you in control - I would look you right in the eyes as you ride me up and down, maybe touching your clit as you do so.

After a while of sucking and fucking, and hopefully a few good orgasms for you, I would take the condom off and let you stroke my cock close by your mouth, finally spraying my hot cum in your mouth and over your breasts. You’d then suck every last bit off cum off my cock and after a while, suck my limp cock back to hardness again, so we can have another round and more orgasms for you And maybe the next time, I get to cum on your feet, or your face again. who knows” Watch the full length movie here

Busty British milf Sandy in her French Maid Uniform

August 23rd, 2014

Should I feel sorry for those poor guys in your office? Would be interesting to hear if your flirting or provocative dress style has ever got you into trouble at work or elsewhere?

As for your question of ‘Would you like to meet me in your office, me in my short skirt and black stockings and high heels?’ I’ll assume it was rhetorical?! I think any red blooded male would have the same answer to that question. Naturally for the purposes of being prim and proper we’d have to say you were there for an interview and just take a chance on them wondering why the blinds had to be closed in the meeting room.

Personally I find the sexy female executive look incredibly alluring. The sight of some gym sculpted calf muscles accentuated by the high heels and encased in some sheer silky soft stockings … but are they stockings or tights … so much time could be wasted contemplating that issue.

“, I love stockings and and a short skirt as well would really blow my mind and maybe something else. I would invite you to my office and get you to reach over the desk to retrieve a pen and when nobody was looking I would gently stroke the inside of your thighs a couple of times. I would then lean over you and just rub myself very gently so you could feel me. I would then get you to do some filing which would require bending over so I could watch you and stroke myself while you was doing that. I would then approach you from behind and lean across so my hands just touched your nipples. I would continue teasing you by then stroking the inside of your legs and moving around so that I just touch your clit every now and then. I would then become more daring so that in the end you could not stand it any longer and you lifted your skirt and allowed me to take you then and there.” Watch the full length movie here

When Lana gets bored in the office she plays with her pussy

August 21st, 2014

The Recognized lana web site showcasing the actual Large breast blonde stunner performing only for you. For all feet, leg, stockings and tights fans lana hopes to make all your dreams come true. Consequently, exactly what you holding out for?

This wife enjoy’s sexual intercourse, so anywhere lana will go, at home as well as on her trips, lana is actually searching for the latest plus enjoyable sex encounter. stunning lana generally attempts to appear immaculate plus favors the actual dated classic style with fully fashioned nylons, extremely large heels, top of the range tights in addition to nicely designed suits. By using lana Cox’s wide sex knowledge leggy lana has so many stunts to get your own dick hard

This sluts sexual appetites go outside of teasing men, using them as the woman’s subs along with making these folks worship her lengthy hip and legs in addition to naughty toes. leggy lana additionally explores additional part involving her sexuality, making the most of woman intimacy with girls this wife meets at the job and also at cultural situations. With Lana’s worldly beauty they will develop into putty inside Leggy Lana’s fingers

Similar to inside these pictures in which this wife Lana gets bored in the office and so she plays with her pussy.


Secrtary in a long skirt and fully fashioned stockings but no panties in the office.

August 19th, 2014

“I would love to have you walk into my office in your short skirt and high heels looking so hot. i am sitting at my desk as you drop you coat to reveal tight top that shows off those pert nipples through the material. you walk around the side of my desk and lean forward to kiss me.we have a soft long kiss,our lips gently kissing as i then kiss around your neck nice and slow. you slip your hand down into my lap and feel i am already erect.slowly grabbing and fondling me through my trousers. i slip my hand upwards to caress those hard nipples and the other hand slips up that short skirt and onto your knickers.i can feel that your pussy is already damp and decide to pull them down as you step out of them to free the access route to that wet warm pussy that is simply aching for some open your top to reveal no bra and lean over me so i can get a real face full of them. i gently suck and nibble on the erect nipple as my hand is slowly brushing up and down those damp pink pussy lips and around your clit.your now standing astride me as i am sat in chair. i slowly ease a finger inside you as my thumb circles your clit,slowly sliding my finger in and then out to open those ups and cause some natural lube from your juices. i then slid in a second finger,the thrusts are slowly getting deeper and faster and you are wetter with each one,your breathing heavy and then you take hold of the back of head as get hotter and more horny. i lean forward to run my tongue around that bulging clit as my fingers are delving deeper inside you,as i feel you building closer i withdraw them and bury my tongue inside your soaking pink pussy as my fingertip rests against your anal opening.this teases you as nervously you think ‘is he going to push it in?’ i ever so gently slip the very tip of my finger in and all the pussy juice means its well lubed up. the pleasure you feel surprises you. my tongue is working fast on those pink pussy lips and entering inside now and then to taste you full goodness. i feel you push my head in further to you as i feel your legs shake as the warm juice of you having orgasm flows down my tongue with some escaping on my chin. i slow my licking to a very slow, almost tickling pace as you slowly stop shaking and recover from you cumming so hard.”


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August 17th, 2014

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Three secretaries in stockings licking each other out on the desk

August 15th, 2014

I fucking love Leggy lana and all the dirty stocking wearing sluts she has on her exclusive personal site. What I would do for a chance to fuck this big boobed bitch.

“Maybe I’d enter your office on the pretence of being an electrician who must test all the electrical sockets, beginning with the one that just happens to be accessible from near your desk! Winking at you as I crouch down with my big red screwdriver in my hand, you would be overcome by the suggestive power of my wry smile and my rugged good looks.

You would feel the blood rush to your groin, and your nipples suddenly get hard as you try to concentrate on your work. As I pretend to look like I’m working, I’m actually glancing to the side to try to get a good look at your sexy body - your fantastic boobs barely contained in yourt tight white shirt, and your slender legs in sheer nylon that rise to meet a very short black skirt. So short in fact, that as you catch me looking at you, you part your legs ever so slightly, just enough for me to see that you are wearing stockings and - fuck me! - no knickers! You can clearly see that this has me incredibly turned on, and I try to kneel so that nobody in your office can see my huge rising erection!

Seeing this makes you smile, and you carefully lower one hand under your desk and begin to stroke your pussy so slowly that nobody is even aware of what you are doing, and only I am in the right position to see your lips becoming increasingly swollen and glisten with moistness.

I can barely contain myself now, and I am sure I am getting redder and sweating slightly! I grab my cock through my jeans and manouver it so that I can just about stand up with some dignity, and I make an excuse to get some air.

Catching your eye as I walk past you, you know what it is I want, and you follow me out of the room at a slight distance. As soon as I get outside I wait to see if you have followed, and sure enough, you walk straight past me and into some sort of stationary cupboard.

Not wasting any time, I jump in behind you and suddenly we’re in the pitch black. I grab you and pull you to me, simultaneously slipping my tongue into your mouth and pulling your
skirt up around your waist from behind.

With one hand exploring your plump arse and finding the beginning of your warm wetness, the other is sqeezing and rubbing your tits, trying to clumsily work them loose from your bra! Sensing my desire, you momentarily pause your efforts to unbutton my jeans and in one second your bra is open and you are arching back to offer them to my hungry mouth.

With my fingers teasing your wet pussy from behind, and your tits being sucked vigorously, you begin to moan. You finally manage to release my massive hard-on and you instantly spin round thrust your arse towards me, begging me to enter you quickly.

Not one to keep a lady waiting, I slam my cock into you so hard that you gasp. You seem momentarily frozen as your body adjusts to the size of my cock, and then you begin to slowly and rhythmically slide yourself off my cock and then thrust yourself back onto it with the same degree of force that I had initially used to penetrate you.

Sensing that you were taking control of the fucking, I lean back against the wall and let you thrust back against me. I begin to explore your body again, using one hand to gently twist and pull your nipples, and with the other I lick my thumb and press it firmly against your arsehole - not entering but teasing and tickling your ring.

This attention on your arse and tits makes you crazy, and you wildly buck against me with more and more grunting and moaning. One backward thrustis so forceful that my thumb finds that the resistance disappears and it pops right into your arsehole as far as it will go! You scream with pleasure as I wriggle it inside you!

Amazed by how much you like the sensation, you slide off of my cock, and reaching back between
your legs, you guide my thick cock into your arsehole. By this point, I’ve taken full control, and I shock you by the force with which I ram my length into you. You have to grab onto the shelves in front of you to stop yourself being flung headfirst into them!

With you holding on firm against my thrusts, you realise you’ve never felt such deep penetation and a massive climax begins to well up inside of you, spreading from the pounding in your arsehole, mixing with the sensations still present in your pussy and clitoris, and upwards to your nipples that still throb from the sucking.

Suddenly you try to muffle a scream as the climax takes hold and you feel like your insides are about to explode. As you come, your pussy gushes warm juice over me, and I quickly pull my cock out just as I begin to spurt jets of hot come, finishing off with most of it splattering accross your face and in your mouth.

Exhausted, you collapse in a heap on the floor, with only just enough energy to suck the last residue of cum from my hot and sticky cock!”


British milf Red in pantyhose sits on her bosses cock.

August 13th, 2014

“Love the idea of an older woman in sexy smart office attire, I’d love you to come to my office late in a smart skirt, and blouse. I’d lock the door and tell you to slowly take off your blouse, have you pose giving me a flash of what was under your skirt. I’d run my hands over you - slowly feeling and caressing your curves through the material. You would then take off the skirt, revealing your panties and silky tights or stockings. I would ask you to bend over the desk and would softly spank you for teasing me with such a sexy outfit. After the spanking I would caress your ass better. Then sitting astride me I’d run my hands over you. you lips tasting mine, my hands tracing the curves of your breasts and teasing your nipples, making them hard points under the material. I kiss your neck and shoulders, and my hand slides down, my fingers finding the groove of your pussy under your panties, slowly teasing you.

When you come to my office we’ll go to a meeting room for a nice quiet and erotic chat, first I will have to come downstairs to greet you and take you up. I see you sitting in the chair waiting, your sexy stocking clad legs visible under your coat, and just a tiny hint of cleavage as you rise to meet me…..Mmmmmmm I think to myself.

In the elevator there is also one more person, so we have to refrain…..all I want is feel my lips against yours and your tongue enter my mouth instead I have to make do with you stepping back against me, your firm bottom touching my groin…..can you feel me getting hard through that coat I wonder?

As we walk through the office to the glass fronted meeting rooms, all heads turn to look at the beautiful woman I am with……all male jaws drop to the floor wishing they were me……if only they knew !

You remove your coat and there is a noticeable movement in my trousers, your skirt is beautifully short showing your sexy well toned legs accentuated by your heels, your top is quite revealing and tight and it looks to me like you are not wearing a bra, your nipples clearly outlined in the fabric. Your perfume fills the room, you already have me in your web and you know it. We must maintain the view of a business meeting but its home time so the staff outside are gradually leaving.

We chat for a while to get to know each other when you “accidentally” drop a pen on the floor, you bend over to pick it up, I can clearly see down your top, you take the opportunity to look under the table and see my hand resting on my trousers and on something nice that you want… can see its outline in my trousers.
Wow you say, I have already made you hard….we’ll have to do something about that soon, why don’t you look under the table too….I bend down and you spread your legs, I am greeting to the most wonderful sight, you are not wearing knickers and I can see your sweet pussy……already wet.

“Do you see how wet I am” ? Ohhh yes, I unzip my trousers to remove my now solid cock, the office behind is now nearly empty and they are busy with other things. Your nipples are now fully erect and visible, you take one between your fingers and squeeze it, I cannot wait to suck on it……..we both know what is going to happen !

You get down on your knees and crawl under the table and take me in your hand and then into your open mouth. The feeling of your hot wet mouth around my cock…I am tempted to explode there and then, but no not yet !”


secretary Janey masturbates at her desk in the office

August 11th, 2014

janey web may be a TWENTY-EIGHT years old dirty United kingdom swinging girl, janey runs this web-site along with the woman’s spouse Craig and clearly the entire website is actually dedicated to their own naughty lifestyle. This pair certainly are a part of a swingers group, hence there is additionally a lot of his or her good friends showcased on this internet site. One thing is definitely really obvious at the 1st look, it truly is gonna become one heck of a dirty adventure. There is certainly a lot of porn accessible plus the standard will be fairly high. Both pics plus videos can be found to the members, and janey furthermore holds TWO webcam performances each week.

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Secretary in pantyhose and a really short mini skirt flashing her panties at her desk

August 9th, 2014

“So what kind of job do you do, teasing all the guys in the office, wearing sexy short skirts and flirting with them, I think we have something in common, no I don’t wear short skirts but I am known as a flirt. There are a few private places in my office to which I only hold the keys to….its a shame that unused space is currently going to waste. I would love to follow you into one of those offices whilst watching the back of your legs in that short-skirt and heels. You enter the office and lean with your back against the wall whilst I lock the door behind us. Then I would walk up to you, kiss you passionately before bending down to kiss and your legs working my tongue up to your inner thighs. You place your hands at the back of my head guiding me to where you want my tongue to go.

I love secretaries but have a fascination with married moms, the ones in the office who tease all the young guys. The ultimate in forbidden fruit, no? one of my fantasies is to have sex with the wife in her own bedroom while the husband is off at work and the kids are playing in the family room. i guess it’s the ultimate brazen move and the chance of being caught by the husband or interrupted by the kids adds excitement and danger to the thrill of fucking someone else’s wife…

so you like to wear tights and stockings, do you? So you wind up your workmates with your tight, sexy clothes I bet you bend over the desks to flash your cleavage or a glimpse even higher up your tiny skirt - IMHO I think that you should probably suffer some kind of punishment for type of behaviour, maybe a spanking. I heard that some women can’t wear tights because the material can slip in between their pussy lips and rub against their clit with every step. this causes them to get very distracted, very wet and to even cum just by walking down the hall of their office! i would love to know if this happens to you.

I am a huge fan of older women and even more if you like to dress up, nothing turns me on more than seeing a woman dressed in stockings and heels, its just so sexy.

I could just imagine meeting you, dressed in your stockings and heels, I would love looking at your legs and trying to see the tops of your stockings under your skirt as you walked or bent over to do something. If I could, I would have you alone in the office one evening looking out over the city lights, approach you from behind slowly, and run my hands up your legs and over your skirt. Then I would caress your hips and move up, tracing the lines of your body as I work my way up to your hair, then kissing you on the back of the neck. You would turn and face me and kiss me, putting your hands on my bum whilst i then move down and kiss the front of your neck and top of your chest. There is a desk next to us and you sit on it and slowly undo your blouse, showing me just enough for me to come over and kiss you again. Things are becoming heated and you pull my shirt out and run your hands underneath all over my stomach and chest, exploring, and pull me closer to you.

I undo the rest of your blouse and run my hands over your breasts whilst kissing you. You push me back and stand up, taking your skirt off and revealing your underwear and stockings. You remove my shirt and begin to explore below my belt to see what is there. I run my hands along your legs and along your thighs, pausing whilst I move them along the inside of your thighs and you instinctively spread your legs slightly to allow me to wander my hands further up. I go past the tops of your stockings and you moan in my ear and feel yourself getting wetter. You fumble with my trousers and find my penis, straining at the fabric of my underwear. You allow me to move my hands around the edge of your knickers, just sliding a couple of fingers around the straps and tracing the line around your back when I slip inside them and give your bum a little squeeze. You move to the edge of the desk and wrap your legs around my back, grinding your groin against the now rock hard object in my trousers. We both moan with the eager anticpation of what is going to happen next.”

Nylon lover in office attire teasing and looking for a smoking and stocking lover

August 7th, 2014

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You will be surprise when you learn what this office girl do during her free time in her desk

August 5th, 2014

kelly dee is really a wonderful & amazingly hot girl that likes posing wearing her alluring plus traditional hose along with lingerie. In case you are some sort of enthusiast of pantyhose ladies, I think you will enjoy your stay there Join kelly dee now and view her posing, getting exposed, stroking her naughty physique, masturbating plus making your cock very stiff plus cause you to ejaculate like never before.

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Secretary who is wearing a very short skirt gets fucked on the desk by her boss in the office

August 3rd, 2014

I am busily working at my workstation. The problem is complicated and I need to put a lot of thought into it. It is that reason why I didn’t notice you enter the open plan office that adjoins my office. You are dressed conservatively with a business suit, but it is tight: your blouse is unbuttoned one button more than most women, and there is a slit up the side of your skirt almost mid-thigh. But it is the heels that attract the most attention, such high heels for someone who walks so elegantly.

There’s a ping on my computer desktop, it is an IM from Geoff the office letch, all it says is: “this one’s mine”. I close the window, the message has barely registered with me. Then I hear a light
knocking on my open door. I look up and see what must be the most attractive thing in the office since that 2007 contract from that American investment bank (the one that was far too generous and crashed and burned last year).

“Hello?”, I say, “how can I help you?”

You walk into my office, I would want you to walk through the office, hips swaying, knowing every man is watching you. You would lean over my desk exposing your cleavage. You know your skirt is riding up at the back and that everyone can see the tops of your stockings. I glance round to confirm all the mens rapt attention. close the door and sit on the chair opposite my desk. As you cross your legs I can see your slim, shapely legs and the high stilettos on your feet. You lead forward and I catch a glimpse of your cleavage and the financial problem I was working on leaves my head instantly and the only think I can think of is how I will release those breasts from the tight bra holding them. I too love short skirts, stockings, tight blouses, etc but obviously prefer watching them on someone! I like the idea of you coming into my office, closing the door and dropping some files on the floor. Perhaps you just want to discuss the latest work we have planned but for some reason you seem to keep bent over giving me a view of your curves and thighs.

You sit down parting your legs slightly and making no effort to hide the fact you’re not wearing any knickers. As I glance up I see your pink lips under your short skirt my pulse quickens. You roll your chair in pinning me under the desk, asking “Do you like what you see?”. Instead of answering I grab your heels and run my hands up your legs, enjoying the feel of the nylon beneath my touch. As my hands move along your thighs I reach the top of your stockings. Moving from nylon to flesh I push up your short skirt and reach out my thumbs to graze your lips. Pulling your pussy slightly apart I hear you exhale heavily and so continue, reaching my head down to kiss your thigh and feel the warmth between your legs. My tongue lapping against your smooth leg, I run a thumb along your moistening slit, enjoying the stickiness. As I look forward to how you’ll taste I feel your hands on the back of my head, running through my hair, urging me to enclose your sex in my mouth. As I start to lap at your cunt a finger either side spreads it further apart revealing the wet taste to my gasp. Delicious.”

Mistress Lady Sonia in the office wearing pantyhose

August 1st, 2014

“Perhaps you’d visit me at my office Lady Sonia. Maybe you’ll sit at me desk. Perhaps I’ll have to go under there so I can look at your legs and pantyhose or stockings. While I look you might open your legs to reveal your sexy underwear. Smelling your womanly perfume I start to lick your legs, working slowly upwards. pushing you roughly back onto my desk, I grab your skirt and push it up round your waist and force open your legs! I rip your lacy panties to one side and burying my tongue deep inside your pussy! I start to lick you and suck you greedily, making sure I swallow every drop of your lovely juice! I tease your clit with my tongue, flicking it forcefully, making you moan loudly as you get wetter and wetter, Christ you taste amazing! I stand up and as I unzip my fly, I grab you by your hair and force you onto your knees in front of me, you gasp at the size of my tool and as I try to put it in your mouth you resist. I pull your hair hard and you realise you have no option. You open your mouth and I moan as you slide your soft warm lips down my cock, your tongue running down the underneath of my throbbing shaft, you gag as I pull your hair and force it deeper down your throat, but you don’t complain as you know you are not in a position to do so. I tell you to suck me hard and before long you realise that you may just be enjoying sucking my cock a little too much as you can feel your pussy getting wetter by the second. I pull you up to my face by your hair and kiss you hard on the mouth, and as my tongue explores your mouth my hard throbbing shaved cock rubs cock against your pussy lips, covering my helmet in your cum, I lean over and whisper in your ear that you are a dirty little slut and then kiss you hard on the mouth again before sliding my hard cock inside you in one deep hard thrust! I rip open your blouse, push up your bra and start to roughly fondle your gorgeous big tits as I start to fuck you slowly, I stop, letting my cock throb inside you, you ask me to fuck you harder, but I tease you, almost taking my cock out of you until you scream at me begging me fuck you! I turn you over and start to fuck you hard from behind, so hard you think my cock is never going to end, your legs buckle and your body shakes violently as you cum again and again and again at the thought of this masked stranger fucking you, you beg me not to cum in you, but I say nothing and just keep fucking you. My thrusts get harder and harder, I slap your arse hard and tell you that I’m going to fuck you in the arse, and you suddenly feel my finger penetrating your arse. It feels so tight as I finger fuck you. I spit on your arse and slide a second, then a third finger in, slowly stretching you. without warning I withdraw from your pussy and slide my helmet into your arse, god it feels big and you moan loudly as you feel its girth, I laugh and call you a filthy whore as I slide my cock deeper into your arse, as I start to thrust you start to moan, louder and louder, I grab you by the hair again and pull your head to face me, you look at me deep in the eyes and I can see how turned on you are. you say, I don’t care if I never see you again, but right now, I want to be your whore, I want to be your slut, I’ll do anything just don’t stop fucking me you bastard. I put my cock back in your pussy and tell you that I’m going to cum inside you and you struggle, begging me not to, but I just ignore you and force you down on the table and fuck you hard until you cum again, you realise it is useless to resist and as you look round at me the look of pure sex and lust on your face is too much and within seconds you feel my hot creamy spunk shoot into you! I withdraw my cock and force you to suck me dry as my cum oozes out your throbbing pussy and down your thigh.”


Ever wonder what the secretaries do in your office when they go out on a works party?

July 30th, 2014

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